What is Alpine Rose, and how does it work?!


The rain is so depressing, and who knew all this bad weather could actually be damaging for your skin?! Well, isn’t it good that we are here for you all!

Here at Cougar, we absolutely adooooooooore innovating new and exciting products to fill your bedroom shelves with. The Alpine Rose Stem cell Skin care range is one of them!

Unfortunately for you, Alpine rose is an exclusive range and when it’s gone, it’s gone forever! sad

How does it work?
Alpine Rose Stem cell is a flower derived from high up in the Swiss Alps and Pyrenees. Extracting the stem cells and incorporating them into this range is novel yet very effective. The high altitudes and severe weather pattern takes its toll on normal greenery, but the Alpine rose has adapted and evolved, making it able to protect itself from the harsh weather conditions.

Epidermal skin cells take 50% longer to be replaced – these are the cells which are responsible for skin cell replenishment. With the help of Alpine Rose Stem Cell extract, it has been found that skin cell replenishment increased to 75%.
The stem cells protect the skin the same way the Alpine Rose protects itself from the weather. Applying this to your skin will create a barrier, stopping environmental stress of the skin to occur, leaving skin radiant, fresh and undamaged.

So, now you know what it does, why not try it out for yourself at the hugely discounted price of £9.99!

We don’t want any of our amazing customers to miss out on this fantastic and exclusive range, so grab it whilst you can!

All you have to do is:

  • Press this link: Rose Stem cell 5 Piece Set
  • Add the Rose Stem cell 5 Piece to your basket
  • Go to your basket and add the code STEMC9
  • Follow the remaining checkout instructions

Then you’re done!

Let us know what you think of this post, if you have any questions, queries or idea’s for a next post, leave a comment or email us on: customercare@rosdongroup.uk

Thanks for reading!

Lots of love,

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