We have finally made our return to the UK after our wonderful trip to Rome – and what a trip it was!

We got to visit our friends at HSE24 regarding upcoming shows we will be doing over there, which Paula will actually be presenting herself! That means monthly trips to Rome, which is livable, I guess...

So, as we would be travelling to Rome quite often, we thought it would be a good idea to see what it has to offer. And honestly, there are so many things to do and see in Rome!

Here are a few things that we got up to..

Visiting the Colosseum. 

IMG_8591 IMG_8627

The Colosseum is a must see when travelling to Rome. It’s beautiful architecture is cleverly loaded with thousands of intricate details which are known all around the world. A $35 million project to restore the crumbling Colosseum back to it’s former superior structure is currently under-way – the effects of this are clearly visible too.

IMG_8620 IMG_8594


IMG_8685 IMG_8688

The shopping in Rome varies for all different types of shoppers. Here at Cougar, we are avid fashion followers and designer lovers, so we were advised to go to Via Condotti, Via Borgognona and Via Frattina. These three hectic streets are filled with thousands of different people, from all around the world, travelling through them to purchase some of the latest fashion and designer wear.

On Via Condotti you will find shops such as Armani, Hermès, Cartier, Ferragamo and Bulgari – make sure you take lots of money here, as you won’t find many things for under £200. Via Borgognona contains more fashion houses, including those of Fendi, Laura Biagiotti, Gai Mattiolo, and Dolce & Gabbana and Via Frattina contains fashion shops such as Tiffany and Versace. At the end of all three of these streets, they join in together at the street Via Del Corso, which has many high street shops such as Zara, H&M and Gap, and also has a beautiful shopping arcade where you can stop for a well deserved shopping break.

IMG_8708 IMG_8713

Gawping at the San Marcello al Corso. 

In the heart of the bustling street, Via Del Corso, is a beautiful church named San Marcello al Corso. The exterior of the building is beautifully crafted with amazing sculptures of many different religious figures. This Church is dedicated to Pope Marcellus with an amazing story behind it. Maxentius, the then emperor of Rome, believed that the Christian Religion was an outrage and deemed it appropriate to condemn Pope Marcellus to work as a slave in the city. The city end of this road was the Via Lata, the present Corso. At this time, Via Del Corso was filled with stables in which the pope had to clean out with his bare hands, and died as a result of nausea. After Maxentius was overthrown, the city’s Christians then converted the stables into a basilica in the pope’s memory.

IMG_8689 IMG_8691

Inside the church it is outstanding. Bursting with colour and glistening with Gold and silver, it is something that can’t be missed. Though the sound of delightful choir hymns play in the background, the church is utterly silent. Hundreds of people can fill the church, but each individual has the space and quietness for themselves. The church is completely run on offerings from the public, in which they give hymn books, holy water and the lighting of candles in return.

IMG_8697 IMG_8700

Eating, Dancing and being Merry at Indispensa Bistrot Jazz Cafe. 

IMG_8740 IMG_8748

As we stayed in the small town of Fiumicino, just where the Rome international airport is, we had to get the Metro back after we visited Rome City Centre (it was only a 20 minute journey). Where our bus stopped, we found a hidden gem right next to the bus stop, the lively and bustling Indispensa Bistrot. Outside all you can hear is the sound of enticing Jazz Music. As soon as you step through the door, the place is packed with town locals enjoying the music, others company and a glass of red or white wine.

The waiter’s came round with small trays of 9 appetizers per person. This is great if you’re not wanting to eat a big meal, and also even better if you’re not looking to spend much money after your expensive day in Rome, as all the appetizers were free!

IMG_8739 IMG_8744

There were so many other things we did in the week we were there, but it’s too much to write about! Rome is a must see city and we can’t wait to return!

If you want to take a look some more pictures from the time we spent there, Click Here.

Thanks for reading!

Lots of Love,

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