Welcome To CB FEST!

Welcome to CB FEST!


We challenged bloggers into coming up with an inspired festival look, based around our 6 Shades Of Nude Eyeshadow palette or our Nude & Copper Mineral Eyeshadows!

We can’t wait to see what they come up with, in the meantime…


Young people are running on a fields

If you’re heading out to any festivals this summer, here’s a few inspirational ideas!

Soft Colour Palettes


When it comes to festival makeup, you’ll need something that you can pop in your bag and use as your go-to all-rounder! 6 Shades Of Nude is a versatile palette, meaning you could start with a muted day look and crank it up at night-time with darker colours!

You could even mix it with another palette to compliment the tones with a pop of an extra bright colour – try 6 Shades of Burgundy! A palette like 6 Shades could also be used for a quick on-the-go contour. You could use the lightest shade to highlight the bridge of the nose or brow bones.

 Or – for a more bronzing effect use the darkest shade in the pallet and run it along your cheekbones lightly.

Long Lasting Lips

liquid lip colours (1)

We all need long lasting lipstick when we are at a festival, right? Partying, drinking and eating will wreak havoc on your lip colour, causing it to fade quicker, not ideal! Instead, pop one of our 24 Hour Liquid Lipsticks in your bag!

liquid lipstick 5 pc colours

This lippie will help you all through the day and night, a perfect fit for the festival season with bright & vibrant shades such as Candy & Rioja. 

If you’re feeling like you need a little extra sparkle, apply one of our glosses on top of your lippie to add a sparkling shimmer to your pout!

Sparkling Teeth


We know it’s difficult to keep to your usual routine while you’re having fun! Don’t let your teeth look dull –  top up your smile on the go with a Snow White Teeth Whitening Pen. Easy and small to pop in your bag, easy to apply with no mess! No one will know 😉 Make sure you show everyone your sparkling smile!


Bright Eyes


It’s obvious we don’t get much sleep when we go to a festival as we are enjoying ourselves too much dancing along to the music and staying up until all hours! Don’t look too deflated, warn down and exhausted. Keep yourself looking alert and awake this festival season with 3D Eye Lift Serum diminishing under eye bags to give you a more glowing and clear complexion.

There you have it, a nice little guide to looking great this festival season! If you have a festival inspired look you’d like to share with us, post your pic on social media with hashtag #CBFest!

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