3 Eye Makeup Hacks for Busy Mornings!


Here at CB we love our makeup, and we all know how important it is to get your look as perfect as perfect can be for that special occasion or even just for general day-to-day wear.  


Saying that, theres nothing more annoying that smudgy eyeliner and running mascara on a busy morning! If you’ve got to go go go, try some of these ideas. Somedays there’s just no chance to create a full face look – but it doesn’t mean you still can’t look a little fabulous. 

Mascara Nightmares

How annoying is it when you’re trying to pop mascara on your lower lashes and more ends up on your face than your eyes!? Try this – grab a plastic spoon, slide it under your lower lashes and apply away! This way, you’ll be able to avoid skin contact and get better control of your mascara. Flutter those lashes!

Perfect Eyes

Does your eyeshadow always seem to go on perfectly when you’ve got the time – but end up all over the place on a busy day? Here’s another idea. When applying your eyeshadow use a hand mirror, hold it in front of your face, and angle your face like you are looking into your nose so your eyelids are stretched out, then apply eyeshadow as desired.

Curls for Days

Who doesn’t love curly eyelashes! If you’re struggling to make them last, or to get that perfect curl – grab your Hairdryer! Before using your eyelash curlers as normal, blow dry them for 3-5 seconds to warm up the curlers, styling the lashes with a little bit of heat to make them last longer – be careful though, the last thing you want is burnt eyelashes! A few seconds should do the trick.

Don’t have curlers? Wiggle your mascara brush back and forth at the base of  your eyelashes, then continue by continue by swiping the brush to the tips of your lashes.


A perfect flick of the eyeliner – the classic cat eye – is a simple addition to any look. It opens up your eyes and transforms any look. But – it’s notoriously tricky! To make it a little easier, when you’re doing your eyeliner, start by marking where you want your flick to finish, then, start three quarters of the way in and join the lines leading up to your point. Fill in the flick and you’re good to go!



What other tips do you have? Don’t forget to share your thoughts with us in the comments or on social media – just search Cougar Products and you’ll find us.

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