Serious About Selfies: Try These Picture Perfect Selfie Tips!



Whether you’re a blogger or you just love taking pictures, here are our top selfie tips to make your selfies POP. Since the rise of the Kardashians, the selfie craze has been sweeping across the web! So, we’ve decided to put together our top tips. Are you ready to take the perfect selfie?


You’ll want to show off your best facial features to all your followers on social media right? If you can, try and stand facing the nearest window to you when taking your selfies, natural light is always the best!

Sun Kissed

Get out in the sun and use it to enhance your pics. Outside selfies are the easiest but be sure that the sun is being blocked by your head – this gives you a sort of glowing effect behind your head as if you’re an angel! 😉

Saying that, don’t let the sun ruin your selfie, use it correctly. Make sure you’re not facing the sun directly, your face will be naturally scrunched up due to the beaming bright light of the sun.

Work it

Camera angles are really important. Instead of holding your phone in front of you, why not try holding it to the side? It’ll give you a stunning angle that will really show off the shape of your face and highlight your cheekbones!

If you’re taking a laying down selfie, pop a couple of pillows behind your head to prop yourself up slightly so you don’t take a picture giving everyone the full view of what’s up your nose.

Another thing you can do to work your angles, is to extend your head away from your neck it gives you a sharper jawline.

Light it up

Sunlight is great but sometimes you need a helping hand. If you’re serious about selfies get a ring flash for your phone, it’ll help to light up your beautiful face in all the right areas. If you’re into blogging, it’s a fab little tool to make your makeup pop.


Putting a nice filter on your selfie can make the world of difference, don’t over do it though as the pic may then seem a bit unnatural. The likes of Instagram and such have a whole variety of editing tools when you open up a pic, so you can really make it perfect!

Beyonce Breeze

Want to really feel like a star? Give yourself a breeze. Get a small fan and place it in front of your face but behind the camera (so no one can see it on your selfie), giving you that goddess look, don’t over do it with the fan otherwise you’ll look like you’re stuck in a storm!

Lastly, have fun with your selfie, don’t be too serious, people will like seeing you happy!

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