Lifestyle tips for whiter teeth!

Over the counter teeth whitening products can be effective but sometimes you need a little extra help to really see results. If you use a whitening product and use these lifestyle tips, you’ll have a better chance at keeping your teeth pearly white.

Woman holding a tooth brush

Brush twice a day
Growing up, you’ll of heard this plenty of times from your dentist, but it really is important that you brush your teeth twice a day, some people even brush them every time they have had a drink or something to eat. From all the foods that contain acid or sugar that you may have eaten throughout the day, it is important that you brush this off before bed, otherwise, if left, it can turn into harmful plaque which will stick to teeth then resulting in decaying and rotting teeth.

Avoid coffee and red wine
Dark drinks like coffee and red wine can stain teeth, therefore by reducing or completely eradicating your intake of these you are well on your way to having a glowing smile, plus both of these drinks seem to make people have very strong smelling breath and over time bad breath.

Cigarettes are bad for causing the yellowing of teeth, this is due to both nicotine and tar make your teeth yellow when it comes to smoking. Ways to avoid this would be to completely quit smoking as the nicotine and tar both cling to the teeth every time a cigarette is smoked.

Keeping your mouth moist with water, lack of saliva makes teeth more yellow
Keeping your fluid levels topped up is very important, another method to prevent the yellowing of teeth. The reason for this is that lack of saliva in the mouth causes dry mouth, causing bacteria from food to stick to your tongue turning it yellow.

Using activated charcoal
Teeth whitening products containing activated charcoal are a great way to whiten teeth, more effective than most other over the counter teeth whitening products. Charcoal can help to absorb stains and toxins which then makes teeth whiter.

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