Why wearing lipstick is a form of female empowerment!



Lipstick has been used for decades as a form of self expression! Those of us that rock a deep purple or keep it classic with a nude shade, will understand the power of a bold lip. Consistently wear black clothes? Spice it up a with a cherry red lippy and you’re set to walk the runway! (or walk in the office and strut your stuff).

From Marilyn Monroe to Dita von Teese, lipstick has always been linked to powerful, successful women. Especially red! We associate the colour with power, but also with elegance and sexiness. Even Queen Elizabeth I, who was known for her piercing red lips, which made the shade into something regal and classy, diminishing its previous reputation for being “seedy”.

Fun Fact:

In Ancient Rome lipstick was used by both genders throughout the Empire, and served as a way to distinguish social class and rank!

After centuries of oppression, lip colouring has become a true symbol of female empowerment! This can now be seen in the huge variety of colours available: Cocoa, Calypso and Candy are a few examples of ours. Nowadays more so than ever women have the freedom to flaunt brightly coloured lips without being judged for it. A range of lipstick fanatics have become free to use such tools to express themselves regardless of their gender, race, religion or social status breaking barriers. Maybe the biggest difficulty we face with lipstick today is choosing the perfect shade. Let us make your search a little easier! Why not try our 24hr Liquid lipsticks? With a colour for every mood! 

liquid lip colours (1)

What’s your shade? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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