Make-up look fit for a princess

Meghan Markle walked down the Ilse for Prince Harry last weekend wearing her signature beauty look; glowing skin, bold brows, smoky eyes and soft pink lips.

Make-up artist Daniel Martin, a close friend of Meghan’s, used a mix of subtle, soft and nude tones to create her make-up look.

Meghan wore a smoky grey eyeshadow and bold lashes with perfectly carved, bold brows.

Her skin was kept natural and glowing, a common look for Meghan. Her freckles were left untouched and her lips were tinted in a soft, pastel shade of pink with a satin finish.

Re-create Meghan’s natural look with Cougar’s Dare to Be Nude set.

Cougar’s Dare To Be Nude set will help start off the natural, nude look. Each piece is carefully selected in shades that complement each-other and is designed to enhance the facial features.

The set includes:

1x Nudist Lipstick – A soft rosy pink colour.

3pc Naked eyeshadow trio set.

1x Stripped black mascara.

1x Bare lip liner.

1x Exposed blush


Nude edit (1 of 1)


Packaged in a convenient, beautifully designed box, this product is perfect either as a treat for yourself or as a gift.

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